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Woolery Kitchen

Woolery Kitchen is a cultural dining club for visitors to Jamaica who want to learn about true Jamaican culture and eat original Jamaican cuisine in a home setting with a magnificent view. There are no deconstructed options on the menu. The organic chicken boiling escovitch-style on the range comes from a neighbour, the veggies are farmed on the property, and the cocoa pods were gathered before our arrival

Key information:

  • A parent or guardian must accompany children.
  • If you require a vegetarian option, please inform us at the time of booking.
  • Travelers and employees have access to hand sanitizer.
  • Throughout the encounter, social distancing is enforced.

Miss Faye’s cuisine is famous, according to her husband Charles, who recalls the first cup of soup made for him by his wife of 30 years. “She is very exceptional.” Charles Woolery, a welder by trade who spent 15 years at Reynolds Jamaica Mines before relocating to the United States and spending 30 years there, may not have Miss Faye’s seasoning hand, but he does know how to brew a smooth rum drink dubbed Chello’s Rum Punch. (Chello is Charles’ pet name.)

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